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Category : Individuals
Last updated by : twistedkitten on 7/3/2006


Is the greatest woman in the multiverse and often ownz Spence so much he cries himself to sleep on his pink pillows.

Additional - Spence Cries beacuse he knows that TwistedKitten is really a seamonster and he is afraid that she will strangle him in his sleep with her Octo-pussoir.

Further Additional - She is also bored of Big Spence's lame retorts.

Even more Additional - Chuck Norris once called her a Square.

Chuck norris then violated Lil Spence for adding irrelevant Spence related items to this wiki item.

In retrospect, Chuck Norris realised that his left foot was actually violated by Lil Spence... not the other way around.

And the twistedkitten smacked Chuck Norris down so hard that she blew him and the spence's off into a foreign land where they both had their own wiki items to mess with.


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