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Category : Individuals
Last updated by : Q-Ball on 4/2/2007


Many people in Germany worship this mysterious being known as 'Hoff' or 'The Hoff' (or occasionally 'Divinity Dave') though little is actually known of the inner workings of this cult/religion/pack of people.

In the early 1600's, HoffProphets roamed the plains of the andes and rode apon sandlions in the snowy peaks of Endor, preaching to the civilians of the power the mighty Hoff bestowed unto them. Any attempt to subvert or challenge these prophets was met with extreme violence and speedos.

In the second half of the 1900's, the Hoff re-emerged and was born into the flesh of a human, destined for a stream of B grade films and television shows, spreading Hofflove wherever he could via the medium of modern entertainment.

Hoff is the russian expression for 'too much for me to handle while im tired'
ie: 'This vodka is hoff'


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