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Category : Words
Last updated by : Lil Spence on 22/7/2006


CS speak for Owned. Came about due to the spatial locality of the carrige return and the P as opposed to the O.

Usage: OMFG! i PwNd uR moM |n 73H A$$ L4sT n|6Ht!!1


ed: can also be applied in other situations. for instance;

Internal meeting emails:
OMFG!! th3 b00ss is li3k pwning our $$$, n0 m0r3z bl1nG.. w0t a n000000b!!!!!

Accident Sites:
FARK! That guy in front of the bus got completely PWNED

Tour Group Leaders:
And as you can see ladies and gentlemen, this statue of Winston Churchhill is a testament to the 1337 allied forces bending over and PWNING th3 german a$$n00bs like teh gr0g@nz t3y ar!

High Court Rulings:
We find the defendant pwnd


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