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Category : Computers
Last updated by : Spence on 10/8/2006


What happens when you create whitebox computers with predominantly untested hardware in conbination, and add a logo to it, and charge a bit more :)

-- Ie: Same as the computer your built at home for games, but like using a Rabid Rhino in the office place... sure, it seems to be fine, but one day it might just OMG MY LEGS >@** @(*$ *NO CARRIER*

Dell also make some highly desireable top-end laptops that aren't affordable by common people.

Dells are also known for not playing nice with operating systems that aren't Windows. They can be beaten into submission but whether that happens before or after your brain falls out of your ear is another story.

on the other hand if you ever want any cheap Dell gear legally, speak with nelyx.

ed: on the third hand.. they make fantastic couchside stable tables if you rip out the internals and use the folding shell (till the hinges break, which they will)

khaz : buying a dell is only 1 step away from buying a mac

Spence : Which is only one step away from buying a turtleneck sweater


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