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Category : Computers
Last updated by : Lil Spence on 7/3/2006

Wireless Network Fun

The ingredients needed to get a wireless network to work (flawlessly, i mean 100% of the time) are the following:

1~ A friendly wireless router or AP which is not made any company with a D in their name

2~ Wireless cards, super fast mega expensive ones which just hit the market 2 days prior to the user purchasing them. (PCI or PCMCIA, either)

3~ Indiana Jones' hat (this is mainly for the luck which is exuded by this well sought after and miraculous object)

4~ Infinite Patience * Note: 'Infinite' may not be enough depending on the network involved.

5~ Eventual acceptance of the 'Near enough is good enough' theorem.

With the above components you are ready to set up your very own, home grown, wireless network! Just remember to keep your head cool when the neighbours eventually somehow rat their way in and proceed to leech 6 gig whilst you're out.

Steps to Coping with Wireless, a handy hint

If worst comes to worst, you can expect to pass through the following stages :

1) Confusion ; 'How come it keeps dropping out? It SHOULDNT be..
2) Frustration ; 'What the hell? Fine, i'll reset everything
3) Negotiation ; 'Okay, if you work.. just work, i'll give you a cookie
5) Period of acceptance ; 'Oh well i'll just use cables..'
6) Silence ; '...'
8) Edginess ; 'Ok wait, if the routers on its side it works... NO ONE TOUCH IT!'
9) Defeat ; Screw it...

Step 9 is usually best followed by three quarts of vodka, and a bucket of fried chicken.


Avoid any homes which have metal frames or struts, plays havoc with wireless. Fish tanks are another one, water reflects RF just as good as it does light. One badly placed fish tank will destroy signal integrity throughout ones household.

Make sure that your wireless point has WPA encryption. Excessively strong, the best that is *Currently available ATM. ;)


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