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Category : Individuals
Last updated by : khaz on 5/3/2006

Will Wright

See God Maybe?

Creator and thinking-person behind Sim *.*, the sims, whatever you want to call that genre, the sim genre i guess.

Currently developing a Sim Everything game called Spore, this man could pee in a jar and it would become the most popular entertainment passtime for anyone in the 18-30 age bracket overnight.

Many have stipulated that without a massive influx into western world economic value, there may in fact not be enough money for Will, Microsoft and Google to happily co-exist without the collapse of civilisation into a screaming moneyless cesspool controlled by three mega companies.

Of course we wont mind at all, because we'll all be playing The Sims 5 on our solar-powered notebooks while we eat our Googleflakes by that point.

"theres just something about monkeys with guns thats always facinated me"


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