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Category : Individuals
Last updated by : Q-Ball on 8/3/2006

Chuck Norris

Hes just a guy... With a beard and boots.

That shot a warplane down by pointing a loaded finger at it and yelling BANG


Chuck Norris is the bastard son of Zeus, forced to live for all eternity on earth witht he sole purpose of preventing humans from ascending to a higher plane of existance.

Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked Professor X. Thats how he ended up in a wheelchair.

Chuck Norris once did a roundhouse kick that tore the fabric of space and time and killed the dinosaurs

Chuck Norris blows out the candles on his birthday cake by blinking at them

The original working title for the popular 3d Realms FPS game was "Chuck Norris 3D", this was soon debunked as development of the next title "Chuck Norris : Manhattan Project" was a registered trademark to Chucks high school one-man-band.

The games were retuned to include Duke Nukem.


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