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Category : Locations
Last updated by : stary on 9/3/2006

Fortitude Valley

Strange in content, texture, flavour and taste.

A popular Brisbane area for backpackers and students due to its rich culture, interesting activities, and fresh odor.

Any visit to Fortitude Valley is usually accompanied by one of the following :

o A tense encounter with law enforement
o A homeless man vomiting on, near, or around you
o A brutal beating
o A salesman (if during market season) trying to sell you 'authentic rolex'
o A blind Chinese man
o A brutal beating
o A trip into a small delicatessen which smells disturbingly like urine

Any of the above may also be accompanied by a brutal beating.

While occasionally worrying, the Valley is much like a taxi ride with a maniacal driver who doesn't speak your language ; sure you KNOW you're going too fast, you dont know who or what he's screaming about, but it just seems a hell of a lot of fun.

One of the more disturbing sights is a 67 year old transvestite called Harry who quite often can be found walking the streets dressed somewhat like Marilyn Monroe. If you disregard the leg hair, squint, tilt your head, blink a few times, and pour lemon in your retina, you can nearly beleive its a man pretending to be her.

Also home to the best Cash Converters in Brisbane! (tell em Sarah sent ya ;)


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