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Category : Opinions
Last updated by : Q-Ball on 4/3/2006


Crudmunching, fudgepacking, chicken felching, shitlicking, goatfucking, fruitscrewing, backstabbing, fartbreating, liferuining, demotivating, unorganised, retarded, incongruently organised, deprecated, useless bunch of dimwitted dipshits the likes of which we will never see again.

Will be the first bunch of assholes against the wall when the revolution comes.

On a lighter note, One should feel sorry for every shareholder of telstra.

The government made a mistake by giving infrastructure to a private company. Telstras operational separation SHOULD have involved all lines and exchanges being retained by the government, whilst the retail arm of telstra was spurned into its own retail company. That way the GOVERNMENT, as opposed to telstra could dictate to telco's the actual cost of using and maintaining the lines. Fair and equitable access would be guaranteed under such a scheme. Furthermore in the event of full sale of telstra, there are no issues of competition or control.

In a nutshell, fair and equitable access for all, and GENUINE stimulation of competition in a closed industry.

However due to the government short sightedness and vested interest in selling telstra for the most inflated price it could get, it has not done this and now we are left with the situation that we have.


SUMMARY : This is why telstra sucks donkey balls. Although, in the wide fun broadband market, we all have a choice.. those of us who CHOOSe telstra.. are therefore...meat popsicles


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