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Category : Food
Last updated by : stary on 9/3/2006

Ice Break

The Ice Break

Also see caffiene, also see sleep deprivation

Small, brownish bottle, black capped pandoras box full of sugary goodness.

Regarded as being 'Refreshingly Real Iced Coffee' and having a clear label which is easily attached to walls, bus terminal surfaces, vehicles and foreheads.

Ice Break is also not available in the UK which is a cause of distress for some residents.
The strange thing about the Ice Break is while someone may not neccessarily like the taste, they are compelled to buy them on a daily basis. Reasons for this are not yet known.

An additional interesting fact is that the Ice Break contains less caffeine than many other coffee drinks, uses low fat milk, but has enough sugar to kill the queen from Aliens with enough left over to feed the population of Burma for approximately 3 months.


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