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Category : Locations
Last updated by : Alegrya on 1/3/2006


The humble Geekhouse is a building that is inhabited by Geeks. Specifically Geekhouse members must prove themselves to be sufficiently geeky to be considered for admission. Do not confuse guests with genuine Geekhouse housemates.

Geekhouse members must have:
~ at least 1 machine working, multiple machines are allowed - they can be either working or in pieces;
~ a genuine interest in computers/hardware/software/multimedia development and/or interest that falls into the 'oh my gawd that's so geeky' field as denoted by generic strangers - think of things along the following lines.... Unix, gadgets, any Sci-fi show, any anime, D&D, or MTG, the list really does go on;
~ basic social skills as they are needed in order to successfully live with a lot of other geeks, an acute sense of smell might be seen as somewhat of a disadvantage.
~ some game playing skills - games can be played on any platform.

The Geekhouse itself must have the following:
~ all rooms with computers networked using cat-5 and/or wireless, as needed.
~ at least 2 different gaming consoles, ideally 1 of everything on the market or previously on the market.
~ an accountant to manage rent, expenses and money flying electronically from all directions.
~ very wrong dinner-time conversations several times a week.
~ lots of fun and geeky housemates :D

Things not strictly required for a Geekhouse but enhance the experience:
~ an online forum hosted within the house and accessable from the outside world
~ a massive black rack sitting in the living room - actual servers inside not required
~ DDR mats and a space to use them.


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