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 Posted more than 2 years ago (8 January 2010 6:35:10 PM)

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Anyone who does photography and i know a few of you do, heres why you need a professional flash unit

Mine finally arrived (xmas present) today from overseas, gotta admit.. wow - yes you can acheive a similar result with the foil reflector trick (flashes always are from face-on so make the subject look awful and completely black-out the background, using foil you can reflect the flash upwards onto the roof / surrounding walls for a radiosity based lighting effect, much nicer professional looking photos - however most cameras dont have a built in flash bright enough to make it work well)

Either way, a bit of playing with some comparisons


 Posted more than 2 years ago (8 January 2010 6:36:53 PM)

(5696 posts)

With normal inbuilt flash

Flash unit, upward aimed with diffusion filter

Perhaps too bright

Without diffusion - keep in mind this is in a room with only a lamp on, no other lighting, flash unit also turned down fairly low

Tam.. have i inspired you yet? if not.. give me anotehr hour or two ;)


 Posted more than 2 years ago (8 January 2010 7:29:05 PM)

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sense has been made.....


:: Bother... said Pooh as he forged Christopher Robins suicide note.

 Posted more than 2 years ago (8 January 2010 8:27:08 PM)

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Well, Mum and Dad's camera is living here until we go up in February... so I think there will be like five or six DSLRs running around (with people attached) at our engagement party.



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